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We are a global luxury travel platform dedicated to serving the luxury travel market and helping our clients

generate more business. To target the market segment of VIP customers we focus on utilizing new technologies in digital marketing and communication, complemented by promotions in international trade fairs of tourism and luxury products.

Welcome to Members's Services

A range of online services are now available to our Members:


  • Luxury Trade Fair as a luxury business locator and directory will help VIP customers and travel professionals to easily find your business when looking to visit a certain area.

  •  Luxuriosi VIP Card will help you to acquire new VIP customers that will book directly through your website.

  • Our Luxury Travel Guides and our monthly Luxury Travel Magazine will create and strengthen your brand awareness and our social media marketing campaigns will help you in the distribution of news regarding new products and services and to advertise special offers and promotions.

  • With our Luxury Barter service you can off-set costs by converting your non- income producing unoccupied rooms or over-stock into "trade points" to buy goods or services for your business or yourself for the same exact value, or even to stay in hotels when you travel.

  • Permission to use the Luxury Travel Group's logo in your website as accreditation that you meet the highest standards with respect to luxury and quality services necessary to be a member of Luxury Travel Group.

We are continually improving and developing the range of Members Services, so please help us to ensure future services are right for you and provide us with feedback, or requests for new features, through the Feedback form.

Luxury Travel Magazine & Guides Promotions

Luxury Travel Magazine & Luxury Travel Guides

We publish on average over 100 reportages in each Luxury Travel Magazine issue enabling readers to receive the most up-to-date information about locations, hotels, attractions, gastronomy, shopping and entertainment. elements.  Luxury Travel Magazine is distributed bi-monthly to over 20,000 VIP readers and over 4,000 travel agencies and professionals of the luxury market sector.


Luxury Travel Group also publish luxury guides of featured destinations that are the gateway to getting the most out of trips, visits and holidays. The guides included reportages and reports on hotels, travel providers and luxury services suppliers. 

Each reportage is included as part of the Guide’s content and not as advertising. This greatly increases brand awareness and moves readers to action, leading to more web searches and word of mouth marketing.

With your Membership your business will be featured, as a welcome bonus, in Luxury Travel Magazine in the section "IN FOCUS" and your business will be also included permanently in the Luxury Travel Guide of your country without any cost. 

Social Media

Instagram Posts

With almost 15,000 followers Luxury Travel Group's Instagram page is an additional tool to your marketing strategy and an extra platform to distribute your news about products or services and special promotions.

With your Memebership you can have a post every month on Luxury Travel Group Instagram page without cost. 

Luxury Trade Fair

Optimum Visivility

Luxury Trade Fair is a platform where affluent consumers and luxury travel professionals, using maps, can easily find and make contact directly with different providers of luxury products and services from different countries. It is the best platform available for your business to be found.

We have organized the portal by categories such as accommodations, gastronomy, luxury services, exclusive shopping, entertainment, etc..

In each category we are including all the luxury businesses of most countries. With 'Luxury Trade Fair' maps people can find, divided by categories, all luxury businesses in a certain country.


As a member of Luxury Travel Group your business will increase its visibility in the map by having a special icon and also feature in the section of Recommended Partners with photo, small description and link to your website. 

Luxuriosi Card Preferred Partner


Preferred Partner

Luxuriosi VIP Card aims to help every VIP traveler decide where to stay and what to do based on our reviews and our data. By providing the option to book accommodations and services directly, card holders can enjoy quantifiable perks such as: special discounts, potential room upgrades, early check-in/late checkout, spa treatment credits,  discounted/free airport transfers, free breakfast, resort credits and special Luxuriosi experiences.


Your Luxury Travel Group Membership offers you the free inclusion of your business as Preferred Partner in Luxuriosi. This will optimize your visibility and the number of direct sales to VIP travelers. 

Luxury Barter


Barter Services

Use our unparalleled barter service to trade your unoccupied rooms for its equivalent value in luxury goods and services or for "free nights" in other hotels when you travel for business or vacations.


Your Luxury Travel Group Membership includes the use of our luxury barter service without paying any commission for each successful transaction.

Membership Fee

Luxury Travel Group Memberships

1 Property or Location 

$ 490/year

2-10 Properties or Locations

$ 790/year

11-20 Properties or Locations

$ 1,090/year

Over 20 Properties or Locations

contact our membership team

T0 be part of Luxury Travel Group your business must be in the luxury category and meet the highest standards with respect to luxury and quality services.


Contact our memberships team at: