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 Owners and managers of luxury properties worldwide use our unparalleled barter service to trade their unoccupied rooms for its equivalent value in luxury goods and services or for "free nights" in other hotels when you they travel

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Luxury Barter for Hoteliers 


You can off-set costs by converting your non- income producing unoccupied rooms into "trade points" to buy goods or services for your hotel or yourself for the same exact value, or even to stay in other hotels when you travel.

LTG - Luxury Barter may be utilized not only to exchange hotel rooms but also for other high value accommodation assets that are simply not being enjoyed by their owners or guests as often as they could be, like yachts or vacation villas.

Our innovative barter platform can help owners and managers of luxury travel and lifestyle business in categories of accommodations, dining, golf, spa and wellness, shopping, yachting and more to barter their services or goods.  

Luxury Barter

Bartering precludes the use of money 


Our bartering system is based on points. Each point represents US$1. Each time you accommodate to a LTG Member in your hotel or they choose to barter your goods or services, you earn barter points equal to the published rates for the accommodations or the prices of your goods or services. You can spend your points by booking nights in a LTG Member Hotel or buying goods or services from another LTG Member Goods or Services Supplier. 

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Luxury Barter for Hotel Suppliers 


If you are a producer or supplier of quality goods or luxury services that can be of interest to the Members of  LTG, we offer you the opportunity to exchange your goods or services for points to be exchange for hotel rooms, vacations in luxury villas, golf fees, dinners in top restaurants, enjoy exclusive activities or to acquire other luxury products or services from other suppliers.

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