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Luxury Travel Group is one of the travel industry’s most important luxury travel consortiums. Its network is formed by the best luxury travel agencies and preferred partners (like hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators) in the world. 

Travel Agencies

Are You One of the World’s Best Travel Specialists? Luxury Travel Group partners with a selection of luxury travel specialists. Our partners are amongst the best of the best travel agencies that want to offer to the clients VIP incoming services and unique experiences. 

Discerning travelers become members of Luxury Travel Group to get expert assistance in destination for their business trips or vacations. After we know their destinations, we carefully match them with the right travel specialist partner who’ll work with travelers directly. We work very closely with our partners to ensure that there’s mutual success.

Travel agencies should meet minimum qualifications to join Luxury Travel Group. Interested agencies can email us to learn about  membership benefits and how to apply for membership.                                               

Email: agencies@luxurytravelgroup.net

Preferred Partners 


Travel suppliers like hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, or transportation companies can email us to learn more about joining Luxury Travel Group as a Preferred Partner.


Email: partners@luxurytravelgroup.net                                                                                             

Luxury Travel Group is a network of the best luxury travel agencies and travel suppliers. 


We represent the best of the best in VIP travel