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We are creating a network of mega virtual shopping centers covering USA, Canada and Europe where discerning people can search, find and purchase products directly from the different providers of premium products and services on each country.

LTG - Premier Markets

The most convenient and easiest way to find and purchase luxury products and service in a specific country.  

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Our publications provide targeted recommendations on places to visit, where to stay and to eat, best gourmet products and wines, and what to do in countries all over the world. 

Our glossy guides are dedicated to the world of luxury, they are marketed as an exclusive means of entertainment for the middle and high income customers and VIP travellers. The luxury and lifestyle contents are sophisticated and showcase the ultimate in luxury.



An extensive collection of independent luxury lodgings, representing more than 400 distinctive properties including hotels, resorts and small charming boutique hotels. 



It's not secret that British Columbia offers some of the best outdoor adventures in the world. A better-kept secret is when to cometo enjoy the best winter sports experiences.



Zurich is situated in the very heart of Europe and at the foot of the Swiss Alps. The city is the ideal base from which to explore Switzerland. The Swiss Alps are within easy traveling distance from Zurich

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